1. A guest blogger wrote of Religious Freedom Day in yesterday’s Washington Post. I’ve taken the liberty of rewriting the opening paragraph to reflect reality.

    The original:

    Across the globe, religion and belief continue to matter deeply in the lives of people and their cultures. From worship to prayer, births to funerals, weddings to holy days, almsgiving to thanksgiving, religion is a central source of identity, meaning, and purpose for billions of human beings.

    The reality:

    Across the globe, religion and belief continue to worm themselves dangerously into the lives of people and their cultures. From self-abasement to talking to oneself instead of taking action, physically deforming male and female children without their consent to delusional thoughts of deceased loved ones being in a better place, from fighting to allow only a man and a woman to commit to a life together to strange ceremonies concocted by imaginative goatherds of old, giving huge sums of money to support the very system that seeks to control their lives to giving credit to superstition instead of science, religion is a central source of pain, suffering and misery for billions of human beings.

    You’re welcome!

  2. Anonymous said: who writes

    The person behind the @preach_atheism account. I prefer to remain annonymous for several reasons, not the least of which is the lethality of criticizing Islam.

  3. I recently ran across a horrible indoctrinational operation targeting children at a local county fair. I had seen their booth over the last few years and just laughed at the mime skits they were using to talk about the accept-Jesus-or-burn-in-hell threat implicit in Christian teaching.

    But I always figured it was a local church just a little more whack than the normal evangelical efforts of your friendly baptists. I noticed however that the participants had teeshirts and an acronym “CEF” on the sleeve.

    So I looked that up and it turns out this is a worldwide organization called Child Evangelism Fellowship. This is a group that, duh, targets children of the world for indoctrination into the cult of christianity. 

    I cannot imagine a stated purpose much worse than warping the brains of children with religious nonsense. The video recently posted by Bill Nye @thescienceguy made this very point. Parents, feel free to believe whatever nonsense you want, but we need logical thinkers out of the next generation and to twist their brains with creationist, religious cult-thought works at cross-purposes to the progress of society.

    This group is, by their reports, startlingly effective. A recent press release claims that, in 2011, they reached 12.1 MILLION children with their message, an 11% increase over 2010. They reach kids through a correspondence club, in the US through a Camp Good News program, Military Children’s Ministries,

    How on earth can rationalist naturalist freethinkers keep up with this? They hold Good News Club meetings after-hours in public schools and crow about it, though they don’t spend much time mentioning their legal defeat in the effort to have information about their club included with take-home packets the schools sends with kids to give to parents about school activities. 

    This is a huge problem.

  4. The bumper sticker “I don’t believe the liberal media” is, in reality, a giant flashing billboard shouting “I am the ‘sucker born every minute’ you hear so much about.” You have to give credit to the Murdoch’s and Koch’s of the world for herding these helpless folk into a steerable glob of brainless protoplasm.

  5. TSA accused of racial profiling. So?


    As Sam Harris has argued it’s a waste of time to target the general population rather than those whose race and religion (Arabic and Islamic) are most correlated with violence. Our homeland security policies are another example of cultural relativism gone bad.

  6. Putin, in reference to Pussy Riot, speaks truth about Islam saying if they had performed in a mosque there would have been not even enough time to make an arrest.

    The obvious implication that Muslims take their game of invisible hater so seriously they think they can kill anyone who breaks their train of delusional thought. Islam-Join or Die™


  7. Carl Sagan - Widespread intellectual and moral docility may be convenient for leaders in the short term, but it is suicidal for nations in the long term.

    One of the criteria for national leadership should therefore be a talent for understanding, encouraging, and making constructive use of vigorous criticism.

  8. Washington Post Refers to Sex with a 12 year-old as “Marriage” Instead of Child Rape

    In an article posted on July 9th, the Post discusses on the front page the phenomenon of the marriage of underage girls in Niger but never refers to the act as child rape. The article refers only obliquely to Islamic traditions as the source of the crazy notions at the base of this problem, but there it is for any willing to read and understand.

    I frequently take note of the Post’s use of page A1 and the front page of the Metro section to fawn over religion, but this is a step beyond. Here they are giving a pass on one of the most heinous aspects of Islam, the acceptance of the concept that a young girl is mere currency between adult men.

    The article opens talking about a 14 year-old who has just lost a baby during childbirth. Married at 12, she is quoted saying she’s going to try again to have a child as soon as she gets home.

    The article frames the issue as one caused by food shortages in Niger. As is common whenever the Post deals with religion, they bury the lede.

    Only after opening with mentions of the girl married at 12, the food crisis in Niger, and a quote from a UNICEF representative does the article get down to the root of the problem:

    In a landlocked nation that has one of the world’s fastest-growing populations, the hunger crisis is the latest twist in Niger’s efforts to combat early marriages, a battle pitting modern values against centuries-old traditions. Niger’s government has enacted legislation outlawing unions before age 15; in some cases, parents have been arrested and imprisoned. Government social workers and international aid agencies have initiated efforts in remote villages to encourage girls to remain in school.

    Yet early marriages remain widely accepted by families across large swaths of the country, fueled largely by high rates of poverty and illiteracy, ancient tribal codes and conservative religious views that wield more influence than government decrees in rural communities.

    Let’s be clear. This refers to Islam and giving the practice a pass is cultural relativism of the worst, lowest, and most vile order. But this is standard practice for the Post and for Islam.

    Quoting a hospital director as saying that the increase in girls giving birth is a survival tactic against the food crisis just doesn’t make sense. Introducing more humans into a food crisis is the exact opposite of the correct answer to the problem. And it’s a particularly bad idea where the underage mother also is malnourished.

    Later on the author gets down to the nitty gritty. Describing the parts of the world most heavily Muslim, guess where child rape (marriage) is most prevalent?

    Child marriage is a global phenomenon, but it is more prevalent in Africa and southern Asia. In many poor communities, girls are viewed as commodities, used as currency or to settle debts. To protect them in dire economic times, girls are sometimes married into more affluent families. Notions of morality and family honor also drive early marriages — girls are often married off to ensure their virginity. In some cases, men “reserve” especially young girls to marry them later as a way to unite families and communities.

    Girls as commodities. Whether married off by fathers while still too young to have had sex and thus still virginal or promised by uncles as a way to settle a debt at an age way too young to understand the consequences is a human rights violation, not a niggling factor popping up as a consequence of a food crisis.

    To be fair, the government has tried to stem the crisis by setting the age of 15 as the earliest age at which a girl can be married off, which the Islamists ignore, just taking the marriage underground. But, as in so many countries and with so many issues, Islam bows to no man but to the crazed edicts of Mohammed, a man who saw fit to marry a 6 year old and consummate that relationship when she was 9, and the writings of those who knew him or read his writings.

    These heinous acts will continue as long as Islam and other religions continue without sufficiently loud, persistent challenge. The Washington Post is, as a publicly held company, unfortunately a part of the problem, afraid to call child rape by its ugly, true name, leaving a false impression of the problem on those who choose not to take time to understand what is really happening.

  9. The war of words is lost again, this time the Catholics winning. In an @AP news item the opening sentence reads:

    Sharpening an election-year confrontation over religious freedom and government health insurance rules…”

    When the AP refers to the “other side’s” position in exactly the way they want it framed, even though it is patently wrong, it demonstrates that the Catholic church has successfully repeated the phrase “religious freedom” often enough to make it look as if freedom is being denied them rather than the other way around. Or, more correctly put, they are fighting to retain their self-assigned “right” to discriminate against those who don’t follow their crazy cult beliefs.

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